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B.Sarilar 04-08-2019 04:55 PM

My Showcase
Hi everyone!
Here is a sample of my work:


İnstagram: @bulentsarilar

Here is a sample of my work:
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DCdraw 04-09-2019 07:19 AM

I really like that Dredd piece!

B.Sarilar 04-12-2019 04:25 AM

DCdraw Thank you so much! This is important for me!:)

B.Sarilar 05-14-2019 12:16 AM

B.Sarilar 05-14-2019 12:19 AM
name for a baby zebra

B.Sarilar 05-14-2019 12:20 AM
infiniti fx37 0 60

B.Sarilar 05-14-2019 12:22 AM

B.Sarilar 05-14-2019 12:24 AM
flip generator

B.Sarilar 05-14-2019 12:26 AM

B.Sarilar 05-16-2019 05:35 PM

sevans 05-16-2019 08:56 PM

Don't take this the wrong way, BUT the darker the character the more your artwork would suit it.
Batman - Yes
Hellboy - Yes
Punisher - Yes
Avengers - Nope

artsnake 05-17-2019 06:40 PM

good stuff.
There is lots you could work on like anatomy and you could tighten up your perspective. The normal stuff we all work on.
You have a very good impact with your story telling. Each panel has pretty clear intention to it. This is the part of comics that it is hard to teach some one so keep it up.

B.Sarilar 05-19-2019 06:30 AM

B.Sarilar 05-19-2019 06:32 AM
1d20 dice

JAM 05-19-2019 08:01 AM

Good work!


B.Sarilar 06-12-2019 02:01 PM

Savage Avengers, sketch card

B.Sarilar 06-12-2019 02:05 PM


B.Sarilar 06-19-2019 01:49 AM
upload photos online

cesare2009 06-24-2019 06:35 PM

interesting and clearly you can draw but I volunteer that your work is overdone. Sometimes less is more....

B.Sarilar 07-03-2019 07:21 AM

B.Sarilar 07-03-2019 07:25 AM

B.Sarilar 07-18-2019 12:18 AM

B.Sarilar 07-25-2019 12:23 AM
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B.Sarilar 10-09-2019 11:58 AM

artman 10-09-2019 12:40 PM

You've got a set style and a strong point of view. My suggestions, work on refining style by using less lines, you're overdrawing. Also, try using reference more, that knowledge will ground your work in reality even if you're drawing fantasy.

B.Sarilar 11-03-2019 01:29 PM


B.Sarilar 11-05-2019 01:03 PM

B.Sarilar 11-05-2019 01:04 PM

B.Sarilar 11-11-2019 11:55 AM

B.Sarilar 11-11-2019 11:56 AM

artman 11-11-2019 03:33 PM

Your style works well with the tmnt guys, I would recommend simplifying your style a tad as some parts can get a bit too dark. I use a lot of blacks too and sometimes it can overwhelm but I'm not gonna stop but it's something to keep in mind.

B.Sarilar 11-25-2019 11:30 PM

B.Sarilar 11-29-2019 11:56 AM

sevans 11-30-2019 12:29 AM

I think that you need to lose a few details here and there.
For instance in the last page, batman and Judge Dredd are blending into the background too much.

If the smoke around dredd was simplier he would pop out, and if you lost the textures in front of batman, he would come forward more.

B.Sarilar 11-30-2019 04:58 AM

Thanks for comments!

kong 11-30-2019 10:23 AM

yea I think Jim Lee said somewhere if you just render everything it causes the image to get flat. Think about your light source and let some areas breathe.

B.Sarilar 12-12-2019 06:01 PM

B.Sarilar 12-12-2019 06:04 PM

B.Sarilar 12-12-2019 06:06 PM

cesare2009 12-17-2019 09:14 PM

The lion is great, the pencils make me think of Ivan Reis, the inked drawing loses something though.

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