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artofrene 03-13-2021 02:02 PM

Here are some new breakdowns, for pages 11 and 12-13. Plus, more photo reference. Sometimes it's fun to use these figures to stage a photo shoot :)

pandayboss 03-14-2021 11:10 AM

Wow! Yes, I think the figures really help in staging the action sequences. You get the right pose and perspective. Nowadays, any tools can really help ones trade. Now, I think I'm gonna get those. :banana::carrot::bounce:

artofrene 03-16-2021 03:23 PM

It's so much easier these days with the technology and resources at our disposal. Use as needed, that's what I say :)

artofrene 04-03-2021 05:08 PM

I finally had a chance to get back to this, and I made some decent progress last night and today. I did some page breakdowns for my Enter the Realm comic book Iím working on. These were done on paper, as opposed to digital, and I worked faster than I ever thought I possibly could. Pencil and paper, faster than digital?? I guess it just depends :)

These are all done on a physical, 11" x 17Ē, folded to 8.5" x 11" stapled paper mock-up. These are pages 14-22. It's basically a large battle sequence. It pits Casia Minohr (Metaterran) against the Ethereal Guard. My favorite part is going to be the very last page of this first issue, where we see Adon, the Ethereal of Dimensions appear. I'm dying to draw that page!

Someone suggested I pencil digitally, then ink on paper. Iím going to try that. The reason being is that I think I can get tighter pencils plus easily work on moving things around faster in Photoshop. Then, blue line it all, print it out, and ink traditionally. Iím looking forward to how this all works out.

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