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TheRealityComics 04-26-2020 02:29 AM

Artists wanted for 50/50 partnership OR pay
Looking for artists (pencils and inks) to join me in further developing a line of comic books. (Note for colorists at bottom.)

They're mutli-cultural comic books that walk the edge of a superhero world without quite being one...mostly.

One book is a team book, where the bizarre characters traverse different worlds -- you'd be starting on issue 2 (the artist moved on to bigger projects). See a preview here: Scroll down, click Team InDYStructible.

The other LOOKS like a typical teen superhero book, but it's actually a send-up of that, where the teen ends up being terrible at this whole thing. You can see that one at the same link, but click The Phantom Kid! (This artist left b/c of personal things he's been dealing with.)

I’ve been an editor in and out of comic books for 20 years. Will Eisner himself once told me I’ve a natural instinct for comic book storytelling. I’ve studied film and writing, and my current artists will attest that we’ve had a strong partnership.

You'll definitely learn more about comic book storytelling, and I will look to help you strengthen your work so that you have a stronger portfolio. But you must have some basic understanding. So please do not reply unless you have several sequential art samples to show me (not pinups). Be someone who is open to input and collaboration and who doesn't take input as a personal affront to their humanity. :D

Pay: $400/issue -- each issue is 18 to 22 pages. So it's not a terribly high page rate. You will get 50% of sales (but, tbh, sales have been pretty nonexistent so far; I'll keep pushing & looking for better avenues for sales & ways to get the books out there).

If you forego pay for a partnership, you will co-own the characters you work on, which means if we do take off, you get 50% of any fees, 50% of ancillary sales, etc.

It would also help if you're internet savvy and willing to tweet, IG, and whatever else about the books.

BTW, I cannot currently afford a colorist, but if you're just looking to establish yourself, and are willing to work for deferred pay, you'll get detailed feedback from me and what I think are some pretty rad books to practice on.:)

You can reply here or e-mail me here.

THANKS SO MUCH! I look forward to seeing everyone's wonderful artwork! (And, btw, it could take a few days to reply -- please be patient!)

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