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L Jamal 11-15-2020 11:56 AM

[PAID] Looking for a flatter for weekly comic strip (position filled)
I'm looking for a flatter for a weekly webcomic.
The flatter will receive between 5-6 comic strips a month.
These strips are generally between 1-5 panels.
Strips are delivered via and flats should be uploaded via

I expect all strips for the month (5-6 strips) to be completed within 2 weeks of receipt.
Flats pays $5/strip. Payment is sent via PayPal within 7-10 days of receiving flats. Usually on Saturday or Sunday.

I currently have 12 strips waiting to be flatted because my last flatter (whom I've worked with for years) has gone AWOL. More work may come, but this work is guaranteed for the next 12 months.

Here are samples from the current 12 strips.

Email me 4 samples of your flats and the original inks to with the subject "re: Weekly Strip Flatter"

L Jamal 11-18-2020 10:12 AM

This position has been filled.

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