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Voiceofjon 05-18-2022 08:54 PM

My Kingdom Comes with a Horse
I am working on a play at the moment, and I wanted to know if there were any artists that do digital art work that is based on the renaissance period?

The play I am writing needs a poster, and I wanted to know if anyone knew of anyone that wanted to read the script. I was thinking about pitching the idea to a theatre and hopefully they can try to get a grant to produce it.

But, the idea is about a kingdom being built out of a kidnapping, and I wanted the cover to look like a Animal House (1978) cover with a bunch of people doing things with in it to build the kingdom. Even lowering the King and Queen on a wench.
s63 0 60 time
s63 0 60 time

If your interested in doing the cover or if your interested in just reading it you can email me here:

I will be sure to send you the first 24 pages just to see if you like the flow of it.

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