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Brills 11-25-2017 09:35 PM

Looking For Artist (Drawer) For Comic Book Project
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a work-for-hire artist to help produce the first issue in what I hope will be a long spanning series. The page count for this initial installment will be 30 pages.

The Project: Urban city in America during the mid 1990's. The city begins to transform as a crime wave fueled by the introduction of a new, highly addictive drug takes hold. Caught in the center of it all are two high school friends with opposing ideologies on how "true" societal progress can be obtained. The idealist, who believes that change can be made through debate and politic; and the realist, who wants to believe in his friend but understands that power and force are king in this world. When the idealist dies in what local authorities rule as an "apparent" drug overdose suicide, the protagonist takes to the drug underworld to find answers of his own. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that he is a martial arts prodigy with an extremely bad temper? In this action packed comic series, the lead character will uncover mysteries that lead to answers to his friend's death as well as his own past.

This will be a raw, adult-themed comic, that contains plenty of explicit language and graphic imagery. I am looking for a gritty, dark, realistic style of drawing with a bit of "Indie" flair to it. For example, artists like Patric Reynolds (Aliens: Fire and Stone). However, I am open to any suggestions and creative input.

The payment to the artist for the project will total $1500.
However, if you are an inker or can do logo design we can further negotiate payment terms.

The services rendered by the artist for payment include: character design, location/environment design, and the drawing of actual comic book pages. I will provide separate documents that provide detailed character and environment descriptions in order to make the creation of the comic a more efficient process.
If this project works out, will need artist for additional installments in this and future comic series.

Submissions will be accepted until December 15th. Final selections will be made on December 23rd. I am looking to start production shortly after the new year.

Please send a brief introduction of yourself (maybe 4 or 5 sentences max) and links with references of prior work to

Payment Terms: Payments will be made via Paypal, with the following structure: 25% upfront, 25% upon delivery of approved roughs or sketches, 50% upon delivery of high-resolution of .tiff or psd files (300 dpi). Payments made within 7 business days of each milestone.

Currently, I am not yet published, therefore I don't have any prior works to showcase to you guys (sorry, working on fixing this real fast). However, you can follow me on twitter for info on this and all future releases @

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Thomas W.

Brills 12-15-2017 01:46 PM

Hello All,

To everyone that has submitted to this post, thanks for your interest in producing our comic. At this point in time, we are no longer accepting submissions. Please stay on the look out for future projects.


Thomas W.
NECE Productions

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