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discipledeep 02-10-2021 01:41 PM

Write About Different Cultures and Communication

Have you ever wanted to have a team that is guaranteed to help your project be successful?

Six culturally diverse writers will form a team to complete a cohesive narrative of six chapters. (One chapter each).

Paid job. 18 pages + Intro ($50/page)
Paid by Paypal or Check 30 days upon project completion and invoice sent.
Completion means finalizing through all phases of review (below).

The ability to have your work critiqued/changed is important.
The ability to tell the best story over your ego is important.

The topics you will write about are:
Culture, Ethnicity, Communication, Emotional Pain,

The last time I posted for writers I got over 1000 requests.
I do not want samples.
Please follow these directions exactly.

Write ONE tightly-written, highly-edited, paragraph of 3-4 sentences that tells me:
1) What do you think is the biggest challenge of the book and how you will rise to meet it?
2) What is your interest in writing about real problems of ethnic inequality?
3) What is your interest in writing about real problems in communication.
4) What do you bring to the table and how will your experience be helpful to this project?


We are not writing superheroes.

We work in phases:

PHASE 1 Idea Formation
PHASE 2 Pacing
PHASE 3 Panel Descriptions Rough Draft
PHASE 4 Dialogue Rough Draft
PHASE 5 Editing/Revisions
PHASE 6 Integrated Revisions
PHASE 7 Final Script.
PHASE 8 Additional Revisions

My b/g: 20 years as a project manager--Always paying my authors.
We have worked for McGraw-Hill and have done several government projects.
Our current website is where you can see a portion of one of our recent book projects. DO NOT CONTACT through that link.


Your ability to be creative, follow the overall structure, and meet a deadline of 18 pages in 3-4 weeks is important.

From your interest, I will narrow it down to 20 writers.
I will reach out to you and ask for a 1-3 page sample.

You will have a team dedicated to your success.
We are moving very quickly on this project. We will be starting the project within the week.

Please send your paragraph to:

SUBJECT: culture writers

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