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creativejoe83 08-04-2015 10:10 PM

A new page
:DHere is an unlettered page I just finished for the webcomic "Extrasensory".
I'd love to here critiques and opinions.

Thanks guys/gals of Digital Webbing :)


Rob Norton 08-10-2015 05:15 PM

its interesting.. you get essentially whats going on. there are some basic drawing things that need some work.

maybe the biggest is your understanding of Perspective. its all wrong and wonky..things placed in the wrong way. we are looking straight on at the main guy and girl, but with the horizon line placed where it is and the angle, we should be looking down at them more. not straight on.

and some more understanding of human anatomy. its all a bit to "faked". hard to get to much of a read on your art skill off this one page.. post more. keep sharing.


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