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rayelgusto 08-26-2019 02:06 PM

Silver/Bronze age style comic artist needed

My name is Regan and I am looking for an artist (pencil/inks) to draw original characters for a comedy web series pilot with very basic animation.

I am looking for a very SPECIFIC style of character design. I need an artist that can draw silver/bronze age style comic book characters (one of my favorites is John Byrne). I cannot stress how important it is that you be able to draw in a classic/bronze age/silver comic book style.

The base characters would be simple full body drawings, but I plan on animating their faces and arms, so additional eyes, mouths and hands would also be needed. I will supply you with a rough idea/sketch of the character, and then you would create the final character.

I would pay $25 per character sheet (just black and white) starting with 9 characters for a total $225. Paid within 24 hours of delivery on Venmo (preferred but not necessary). (One character is actually invisible but I will still pay the full $25 hahah) Files would be 300dpi photoshop files with separated layers so I would be able to animate them.

I plan on creating multiple episodes in the future with new characters every episode. So there will hopefully be more work soon.

This will be a work for hire contract.

If interested please email:

Please include in the email a link to samples of your work that shows your ability to draw in a classic comic book character style.

About me:

I have been doing sketch comedy, film, stand-up and podcasting for the last 15 years in San Antonio, TX. Here is a link with projects I have worked on:

Here is an animated short we did that will give you an idea of what kind of simple animation we would do with the characters you draw:

rayelgusto 09-02-2019 11:41 AM

Artist Found
Thanks to everyone who submitted their portfolios. I was able to find an artist! Thank you!

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