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DCdraw 05-19-2020 09:04 AM

2 page sequence
Long story short: I was supposed to write and draw a comic last year but it ended up not happening. So I took some of the layouts I had already done and made a short 3 page sequence from them. I got to 2 pages before I had to put it away for other stuff. Thanks for looking!

paul brian deberry 05-19-2020 07:13 PM

cool. too bad you couldn't finish it.

pandayboss 05-20-2020 05:42 AM

These are really good pencils. You only need to add colors without even inking because they are tight enough. If you get a good and pro colorist, you can turn these into amazing comic pages.

I agree with PB...too bad that you cannot work on this anymore. I too was affected by the pandemic that two of my paid projects late last year were cancelled and on top of it I lost my part time job.:cry:

DCdraw 05-20-2020 09:52 AM

Firstly, that totally sucks that you lost work from the pandemic. I am really sorry to hear that.
For me, all this had transpired last year before the pandemic...the project had been cancelled on me twice. And me being butthurt about it, cobbled this from my layouts just because I hated putting any amount of time into it and having nothing to show for it. And by the time I was onto page 3, the disgruntled feelings started so I just cut it short.
Since then I've been doing short sequential stuff here and there....including working on my own thing, a sci-fi pro wrestling comic...which actually isn't too far removed from the pages I posted here.
Thanks guys!

sevans 05-21-2020 08:16 AM

sci-fi pro wrestling your style.
Hell yes!

Time to layeth the smack down!

DCdraw 05-21-2020 07:40 PM

haha thanks sevans!

TimR 05-23-2020 12:57 PM

Phenomenal work as always..

One neat thing about sequential work, it brings out visual scenes or ideas that probably wouldn't ever be the subject of a solo illustration. As well as, the juxtaposition of images has a different effect from illustration.

DCdraw 05-24-2020 09:24 PM

Thanks Tim!

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