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Chas! 08-07-2015 07:57 PM

Artist/Inker Needed for a One Page Short
What’s up, interwebs? I’m looking for a penciler/inker for a one-pager.

What the story’s about: A couple of cops arrive at a murder scene and debate about the situation that had transpired. These five panels are filled with dark humor and a pinch of gore.
Your role: Penciler/inker.
My role: Writer/letterer.
Deadline: August 23, 2015
Payment: $80 that is divided into two $40 payments.
- Payment #1 will be after the layout and character designs are complete. Payment #2 will be sent after the page is finished.
- Both payments with be sent through Paypal within 48 hours of each step’s completion.

***Please note: I’ll also be looking for a colorist. If you’re a “jack of all trades” artist, I’ll happily consider throwing in an extra $30 for colors. This step would need to be completed by August 29, 2015***

Who am I?:
Just your average freelance writer/editor/letterer. For more information about myself (and samples), feel free to check out my personal site.

Contact Information:
If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to
- Please include a link to your website/portfolio. No attachments!
- Please make sure “Cop Short“ is listed somewhere in your subject line. This is to ensure all e-mails get routed to the appropriate folder on my end. It makes things muuuuch more manageable.

I'll be making my final decision on August 9, 2015!

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