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drewford 05-18-2021 09:52 PM

IT'S ALIVE! needs your help
IT'S ALIVE! has been decimated by the current global pandemic. We desperately need your help to stay in business.

Send donations via Paypal here:

Send donations via Venmo here: @drewford2020

OR. . .

You can also help us by simply picking up something from our online shop. Currently available items include: comics, graphic novels, collections, and PDFs. And right now, everything is 40% OFF!!! Use code: MAYDAY


Below are just a few covers from the comics we currently publish. Thank you for taking a look. We need all the help and support we can get.


Drew Ford
KONA #1 (variant by Bart Sears)
BREATHERS #1 (variant by Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt)
COMBAT: PEARL HARBOR (variant by Dave Dorman)
COMBAT: DUNKIRK (variant by Walter Simonson)
DOSE! 1 (standard cover by John Gebbia)
AIR WAR STORIES #1 (standard cover by Sam Glanzman)
AIRBOY #51 (variant by Jim Steranko)
STRANGE ATTRACTORS #1 (variant by Teri S. Wood)
HOLLER #1 (standard cover by Jeremy Massie)

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