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ctrop99 07-30-2018 05:44 PM

Seeking Colorist for Sci Fi comic $50/pg
About the Project: This story is about the daughter of a legendary space explorer family, who escapes the space-phobic society she’s grown up in, to explore the mysterious planet where her parents vanished. This first issue is 28 pages, and the intention is to complete the story with 6 subsequent issues.

Coloring Style: We have many effects in this book, from holograms to planetary atmospheres and other space effects. You need to be able to either accentuate what we have, or create your own effects. This is why prior experience in the sci-fi genre is strongly preferred.
Msassyk and the look she brings to Isola is something that would fit this comic well. Painterly styles like Esad Ribic's colors in the VS comic would also be a good fit.

Legal: If you are chosen for this project, you will be required to sign a Work for Hire agreement before beginning any artwork.

Payment: $50 per page within 48 hours, that I can pay out in batches per sequence. I pay using Transferwire, not Paypal.

What to Submit: Introduce yourself, where you are located, and if you've had any published work you could link me to. Colored sequential pages must be included in your submission.

Test Page: Gian Fernando, the comic's artist, has a unique and detailed style that may be difficult to match with colors. For this reason I will request a test page prior to you being hired. For a taste of the artwork, check out our comic's blog below:


I will be reviewing candidates for a few weeks, and look to begin coloring in mid-late August. This is a unique and personal project that is being taken very seriously. Its been a blast bringing it to life so far, and I can't wait to welcome the next member of the team!

Thank you,
Christian Tropeano

ctrop99 08-14-2018 09:42 PM

Submissions are now closed. I thank everyone who submitted, for we had an overwhelming response consisting of many talented artists.

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