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matu 10-17-2019 04:13 PM

looking artist for game
Hi. I'm looking for artist that can make 1 character (for the moment) that would be animated. The character must be on 2d and should have separated parts (head, torso, hips, upper leg, etc.
To be animated on spine or spriter.
I'm looking for a chinese old style, or japanese. Not manga (with big eyes and that, NOT). the old paintings, or drawing, kind of Total war shogun 2 art.
The character is quit simple, is sun wukong, the monkey king.
And must be just the monkey for the moment (with no clothes or weapons)
I'm just starting with the game, so I could only pay $ 10, for the character. But in the future I will need to add the armor and the staff. Also I will need enemies and that kind of things, In that moment I will have enough money to pay you what you ask.
So, for now is just the monkey with separated parts. Please send me a rough seketch, so you don't lose time.
It will be very helpful if you speak spanish. But is not a problem, I'm not good in english, but I can read it perfectly.
write me for more info..

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