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YellowDogArtistry 08-15-2019 04:56 PM

Looking for authentic/original writer
hey guys, my name is bob smeets, i'm looking for a writer.

i'm the creator of weirdsdale, published by caliber comics, and the veil, which is in the editing phase.

i'm a good writer, but it's a time thing. writing, drawing, and coloring my own books is getting exhausting. so i need help. while i may be a bit slow to produce, i'm 100% committed. our book will get done, you have my word.

what i'm looking for is something original. no blueprints. no same old same old super hero stuff. i love horror, fantasy, poetry, and philosophy. anything along those lines i would be interested. let's make something Nietzsche would get angry about. or something full of such mirth that william blake would write a 20 page poem about it. let's make david lynch frightened beyond measure. we are artists are we not? do artists live in a box? do we write and draw what they tell us to? or do we carve our own path?

send me your ideas to yellow dog artistry @ gmail . com
if you have a script ready to go even better.

the legalities of it - we would both own the comic and split royalties (which is not gonna be much, anyone new to comics take note). we would both discuss what to do with the book and come to a conclusion where we are both happy, whether that is self pub or go with a publisher. i lean towards traditional publisher route.

here's a link to my art

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