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YellowDogArtistry 10-14-2020 06:29 PM

Looking for Horror/abstract writer
I have two self pub books out and one with caliber.

I'm looking for a writer with a different perspective. I have some ideas for a 100 or less page GN. Though I admit I'm more of an Artist than writer. I can write philosophy and non-fiction no problem, however I always have trouble with fiction.

Anyway, the book I'd like to collaborate on with someone would be horror, abstract, poetic, philosophical, cosmic, epic scenery, post-apocalyptic, slasher, or 80's cult horror. It would be epic if we can mix some of these together. Post-apocalyptic 80's slasher with elements of poetry for instance. If you have a similar script already written or on the go let me know and maybe we can work on that. One thing it has to be is abstract. Something non-linear or metaphorical. There can be elements of prose but this would be more of an arthouse book.

See photos below for my style and what the book will potentially look like.

Email me at yellowdogartistry @ gmail . com

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