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Juan Fleites 11-19-2020 09:22 PM

Pipi the zombie girl webcomic
Hi people, I share with us a recent project that I make in webtoon, is called Pipi the zombie girl.
This time I decide to work on a comedy horror story about a character that I draw for another project named My school was a graveyard. A lot of readers like Pipi, and I decide to make a spin off about her.
Pipi is a zombie teenage girl that spend time between the school and her group of friends, but, she don't remember all her past, and her friends try to help her to remember before Nina the she devil and others enemies catch her.
I know I have some gramatical mistakes, but I can't spend money for translate for now. I release the comic for the webtoon latam contest, but I have the intention to bring Pipi to a major project.Visit, share, like and let me comments.
Here is the link.

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