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thalesalacobra 01-22-2019 12:10 AM

Colorist Wanted for Weekly Webcomic
Hello all,

My friend and I do a webcomic (Weirdo Beardos) and we're looking for a colorist to help us out. Currently we're looking for some new blood, a colorist with some experience, but also looking for a project to really cut their teeth on, since we're a creative duo that's been mostly focused on this free webcomic since its inception back in 2011.

You may have scoffed at the "free" above, right before "webcomic", but this is definitely a paid job. $15/page is the sweet spot we want to aim for, but depending on experience and whatever magic palette you weave, this can be negiotiable. As for payment, there are many venues we use to transfer funds, but lets start with Paypal just so we meet the criteria of this forum. Payments will be made once we have the final colored page.

As for the details of the job, currently we're posting a new page (1) per week. Our posting days are every Wednesday, but scripts are hammered out well in advance. The only growing pain we would face is introducing a third person into the mix since the main artist on the comic has been handling pencils, ink, AND color all on his own, while I've been handling scripting, lettering, and whatever graphics are called for. So starting out, there'd be a bit of an adjustment for getting pages to you with enough time to color - all of which isn't a big deal, these deadlines are self-made.

What we're looking for: as I said, we do want someone with a good amount of experience, but not a pro. Someone reliable who knows their turnaround time and has a solid line of communication. We also do everything digitally, and ideally we'd like to keep it that way to make everything easier on us. So get your portfolio links ready!

If all goes well, and adding another person to our small roster streamlines the process for us, we hope to add more pages per week (but again, this is just one page per week currently), and eventually free up time for other projects we have in the pipeline, which - as a colorist - you'd get first dibs on.

Check out the webpage, click around and see if this is something you wanna throw your hat in the ring for. And if it you've checked off all your boxes, hit us with an email at - please include a link to or attach some of your work and we'll start a conversation.

We'll keep the position open until the end of the month (January 31st) and try to have a decision no later than February 5th. I know how much of a pain it is to not get a response to replying to some of these threads, so we promise to reach out to everyone that sends us an email with work posted.

Thanks for reading and submitting!!!

-Weirdo Beardos

thalesalacobra 02-01-2019 01:57 AM

This open call is now closed. First off, thanks to everyone who reached out to us. We were really impressed with all the submissions. The next few days we’re going to comb further through the emails and reach out to everyone who threw their hat in the ring.

Again, many thanks for the submissions!

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