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Lucas.Gattoni 02-09-2018 08:26 AM

Lettering a children's horror GN
Hey guys! Wanted to share one of my latest jobs. I lettered this gorgeous horror GN, written by a US Spanish teacher with their students in mind.

The first version was in Spanish (my native tongue), and in addition to lettering all 114 pages I handlettered each and every sound effect.

For the French version, along with adapting all texts, balloons and lines, I also had to redraw many of those SFX, as onomatopoeias are written differently according to the language!!!

Hope it's something that belongs here.

Written by Señor Wooly
Art by Juan Carlos Pinilla
Colors by Davi Comodo
Letters by Lucas Gattoni (yours truly)
Edited by Lara Talens

To check the complete process, you can come on over to my portfolio.

paul brian deberry 02-09-2018 01:01 PM


I found one little typo glancing over the work.

"That meant MANYOF the SFXs..." should be MANY OF the SFXs...

Cool stuff.

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