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Tyler_James 03-31-2014 09:39 AM

A $95,000 Tip Jar for Comics? 10 Thoughts on Patreon
Despite Kickstarter announcing that it has crossed the $1 billion pledged mark, it is no longer the cool new kid on the crowdfunding block. Already a maturing platform, recent headlines of project implosions and high-profile Kickstarter scams have taken some of the bloom off the rose.

Patreon, a new site that supports ongoing crowdfunding, is the hip new platform for crowdfunders. While Patreon has been blowing up for musicians and YouTube video creators, in just the past few months, Iíve witnessed dozens of comic creators flock to the nascent crowdfunding site in search of ongoing funding for a variety of projects, including funding long-running webcomics, completely new projects, digital subscription services, comics related podcasts, and much more. As a nascent platform, the rules are still being written, and Iíll admit, Iím still trying to wrap my head around it. Here are ten thoughts on Patreon:


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