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sevans 04-16-2018 04:57 AM

Sevans Sketches and stuff 2018
Thought I should actually post some artwork for once.
Been awhile. So here is alot of random stuff from my handy dandy sketchbook.

sevans 04-16-2018 05:01 AM

and a few more pics.

Some sketches from a comic concept that I'm working on.

12013 04-16-2018 02:45 PM

neat. lots of cool stuff. I really like those cars as well very cool

ld-airgrafix 04-16-2018 06:02 PM

Love the Bruce Lee and the caption made me laugh

sevans 04-16-2018 10:39 PM

Thanks guys.

roadkilraven 04-17-2018 04:32 AM

i like the elf character in the third drawing. It feels like it's in perspective, and I like the detail. I can see that you're using variation in linework as well, particularly with the vehicles drawings.

I'm noticing a few tangent issues with some of your drawings though. Some of them seem too flat as well, I'd suggest trying to draw with a third dimension in mind.

sevans 04-17-2018 04:35 AM

roadkilraven - Thanks for the crit man. Always helpful.

Some of the tangents are probably because I'm just 'filling' my sketch page. But I will try and watch that.

sevans 04-29-2018 01:59 AM

Some more pics.
All except the colour one, from an idea I'm working on.

sevans 04-29-2018 02:01 AM

Last one, different idea. Pen, Pencil, markers and white paint.

sevans 05-04-2018 02:57 AM

And here are a few more.
Another character / concept image for my comic project.

and a punisher, pen and pencil.

and the next two....
Because it is May the 4th here.

Yoda goes to College (aka the Punk Years)

Vader Vacation (aka Do I get an Employee Discount?)

DCdraw 05-05-2018 04:47 PM

Those post-apocalyptic concepts are really cool!

sevans 05-05-2018 05:54 PM

Thanks man.
Have a very basic idea, trying to flesh out the story etc.

Kajinink79 05-06-2018 08:54 AM

I agree w/ DCdraw on your story art. What’s that guys name?... he kind of draws like blocky characters... damn, he drew Batman/Superman... I wanna say ed mcguiness, but I’m not sure. But your art sells itself. You don’t lack imagination that’s for sure. Keep up that good work, sevans. Looking good!

sevans 05-06-2018 03:18 PM

Thanks Kajinink... too generous.

sevans 06-01-2018 11:45 PM

Some New Sketches & Concepts.
Here are some more random pages from my sketchbook.

Feel free to rip apart, piece back together or comment.

Starting with another version of my "DASH" character, playing around with style and look etc.

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