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kopnicki 12-09-2014 03:31 PM

Writer Seeking Artist (Short Story Anthology)
I'm looking for a penciler/artist to team up with on a collaboration.

I want to create a short story anthology. The series involves stories based on dreaming, sleep; etc. The genres covered vary from horror, super hero, to speculative fiction. I have 5-8 comic short stories (8-16 pages each) plotted and scripted and ready to go.

These are intended as a web comic series with a potential small private print run. The web series can be used as a promotional vehicle as well to pitch the book to publishers and for self-promotion. Kickstarter also a possibility.

Ideally, down the road, I'd like to take the finished stories and make short films out of some or all of them. I'm in TV/film production so this isn't that far fetched but this remains a distant goal at this point.

Applicants should be polished and professional. You must have sequential art samples. Penciler/inker/colorists/letterers preffered but not essential.

I fully understand a collaboration without any upfront pay means this is a creative partnership that involves the input of both parties in the direction of the story and art.

If you're interested contact me at....

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