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Novil 04-16-2021 05:19 AM

Gaia - Fantasy graphic novel on Kickstarter
In 2008, I was an author searching for an artist to draw my comedy webcomic Sandra and Woo on Digital Webbing. I found the amazing artist Puri Andini, and we’ve worked together ever since. We later also started working on the fantasy webcomic Gaia. And now, after almost ten years and 950 pages, Gaia will finally come to an end.

On this occasion, we’ll publish an anthology which collects the entire comic in two massive A4 hardcover volumes. Additionally, we’ll publish a supplementary book which contains a detailed making-of and beautiful artwork by over 50 artists on around 100 pages.

Here you can find the already fully funded Kickstarter campaign for the books (also available as PDFs).

If you’re not interested in the books, this may at least be a good opportunity to read the nearly complete comic on our website. Here's a brief introduction to the comic:

Gaia follows a group of graduates of a magic academy who try to save their friend Lilith, an enchanting and amazingly talented wizard, from execution after she was falsely accused of murder. On their quest, they cross paths with Viviana, a master thief who may be able to help them. But neither Lilith nor Viviana is quite what she seemed at first, and Ilias & Co. soon face dark forces that move kings like pawns on a chessboard.

Gaia was inspired by role playing games such as Baldur’s Gate and Final Fantasy. The comic has been praised for its complex story, the original setting, which incorporates some science fiction elements, and the smart and charismatic female characters.

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