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andrew-henry 01-19-2021 04:20 PM

Ensmile series webtoon
my & my wife are so honored to be sharing with you our project on feel free to check it and tell us what you think..


Kajinink79 02-14-2021 04:10 AM

Striking colors

Steve Colle 02-22-2021 02:22 AM

Cool work, but you seriously need a different "Grammar Checker". Even without being a 30+ year veteran comic editor, I saw issues in almost every single balloon in the "LOVE BALLAD" chapter. I'd be happy to walk you through what I found to help you notice the issues yourselves.

PM me and I'll give you my email. I'm an editor who also teaches other comic editors and editing, as well as providing instruction and consultation to creators and publishers.

As an aside, I run the Comic Book Editors Alliance Facebook group where you can learn about editing for comics, ask questions of our editor members - many of whom are veterans of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and other major publishers - and you can even post looking for an editor. You can find the group at

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