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JuanNavarro 06-17-2019 04:03 PM

Looking for INKER and/or COLORIST
Hi, I'm Juan Navarro and I'm the EIC and one of the creators/owners of CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT, located in Miami Florida.
I've made such comics as TOMMY with John Ulloa, ZOMBIE YEARS and VIGIL both long-running Webcomics, and done work for Marvel, Upper deck, and Image comics.

You can see most of my work at or on social media @FWACATA

RIght now I'm hitting the virtual pavement to see about getting a group of artists, inkers, and colorist to get some ideas done. I have some pitches ready to go, and now looking for people to help. I need a someone that can handle my inks and pencils and get them colored and refinished in a cool style and hopefully, promptly.

I'm looking at all type of artist really, and maybe folks who want to make stuff from the ground up. I'm just looking for two key things:

A. PEOPLE WHO REALLY WANT TO MAKE COMICS. This is not an illustration, this is not a movie script, or going to be made into a movie, or yadda yadda yadda, I'M MAKING COMICS. All that crap comes later.

B. Open to any and all styles of Art, just something consistent, even if it's not off the beaten path. I have projects that range from Demonic Sex Diseases to FUture Mafia Star Wars to Tropic Thunder meets Avengers. I jsut want back up in making these things. Are you down?

There will be compensation but that depends on skill and time put in, and could be monetary $$$, but also a chance to see your stuff in print, spaces at booths like NYCC or even SDCC next year (2020) etc, it's case per case. I'm here to help also and push these comics and your work forward, help to get you work.

E-mail me links and samples at FWACATA@GMAIL.COM

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