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Rene A. 09-13-2019 01:37 AM

Kor, Ethereal Reveal Color Painting
The lone Ethereal who would appear to be at odds with Order, Light, and Vibration. The Ethereal whose body appears half burning and wholly consumed and ruled by chaos. The Ethereal Kor bears the mask of chaos, something he did not ask to be born unto. Yet he is what it is. Kor must administer and guide chaos in all its ways. For better or worse, Kor is alone. A being on a rock of isolation, floating amidst the stars and bodies up in the heavens. Distances and destinations no mortal could even fathom.

In a moment of repose, Kor removes his burden. A human face is revealed. Kor has forsaken the darkness, for the darkness burns. There is only fire and chaos. The fire does not burn him. It is cool and soothing. The fire gives him life.

This is my character release for this month of September. A little behind on this one, but that's because I've got those darned comic book pages to work on ;)

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