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Splashpage 10-30-2021 09:59 AM

Publisher interested, just need the right artist
Hi Everyone,

I work for a publish (in a design/production capacity) and they've expressed interest in a graphic novel I've written. If I can find the right artist, they said they can give a place for it in their roster. I've published books with them in the past and they're great to work with.

I'm in need of someone who can handle pencils and inks for a somewhat different style slice of life book (currently 203 pages total)

It's an epistolary story meaning no dialog, but the story is told through a mix of scenes played out in the artwork and narration that overlaps it. Sometimes the two compliment each other, other times they tell very different parts of the story.

The book follows five different interconnected narratives and explores music, loneliness and how songs can connect people.

Writing the book took a lot of work and planning to make sure it made sense, and I know the artwork will require a lot of collaboration to ensure it comes out to be the best book possible. So I'm really looking for someone who is excited about for the challenge and can bring something interesting visually to the aesthetic.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please feel free to hit me up with samples of your work at

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