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afrotastic 09-14-2018 04:27 AM

Seeking Digital Penciler/Inker for Historical Horror comic book
Hello, my name is Julien and I run a *very* small indie comic book company called Green Book Comics. I've already released my first comic earlier this year and I have now saved enough--I hope--to look into producing my second.

The comic is titled Hellfighters from Harlem and it's historical horror about a predominantly black regiment during World War 1 who fight racism, Germans and--yep,you guessed it--literal demons from Hell, earning their nickname. It's 28 pages long. I have yet to master the art of a one-shot, so this is issue #1 of a longer story.

Sample of the script can be found here

Things I'm looking for in an artist:

1: Ability to draw black characters. There are three black male characters in this issue and a handful of white characters. I have looked at a lot of portfolios/websites here and elsewhere and there aren't always black characters there. I don't know if that's an oversight, or if it's hard to draw black people or some artists just haven't had the desire/opportunity to do so, but since Black characters are the main character's of the story, I would feel more comfortable seeing artwork featuring black characters.

2: Ability to draw dark/horror themes. This particular issue doesn't go too crazy with demons, death and destruction, but it's there. In this issue there's a demon of course and it has a pretty gruesome death also.

3: Ability to draw World War 1 era things. World War One/1910s era is so far removed from the contemporary consciousness. Doing a lot of the research for this story really opened my eyes to just how much we don't even think about this time. Who doesn't love Jazz, Al Capone and old-timey radio? But this was *before* that! This was the era of vaudeville, minstrel shows, and ragtime music and people rarely--if ever--listen to that now. I'm not looking for completely historically accurate art (I'm putting demons in the story for Pete's sake) but I would like someone who's willing to put some historical thought in the artwork. I can provide a plethora of reference photos, I love history.

4: Strong art direction/storytelling. I'm not an artist, and if you can think of a better way to break down the scene into panels by all means--let's talk about it first--make the story better. The last artist I worked with was absolutely fantastic but I sent him the script and he sent the art back. One the panels was bad--as in what I had written was not being captured. I asked him to do it over with whatever he thought was good and it was 1000% better. He followed the script to the letter, but I'm humble enough to admit that I know some of scenes probably could be worked better by an artist and I want you to be that artist!

I'm initially offering $60/page for pencils and inks but the rate is negotiatable. Payment can be done via PayPal (or any service if it's not too complicated) and the artist will receive the payment within two days after completion. Completion of the project will be delivery (via email/dropbox/google drive/etc.) of both the 300 dpi LZW Tiff file and the layered file, such as photoshop PSD.

You can send me an email at (Email preferred). Please send your portfolio(s) and page rates. *Bonus points* if your portfolio has black characters. *Double bonus points* if your portfolio has black characters in horror type stories/sequential art.

Thank you for your time!

Green Book Comics LLC

afrotastic 09-18-2018 03:06 AM

Thank you all for the submissions! I am pleased to announce that the position has been filled.

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