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AlexNaderWrites 07-30-2015 01:13 AM

Published author looking for color
Hello, my name is Alexander Nader. My Beasts of Burdin novel trilogy has been published by J. Taylor Publishing and a separate novel, Hero Engine, has been published through Booktrope.

I have teamed up with artist Horacio Boriotti to create a graphic novel titled Uprising, In Requiem. It's somewhat post-apocalyptic (but not in the traditional sense, nothing has been destroyed) in that 'angels' have taken over the world. Surviving humans get put into a gladiator-style fight club for the angel's amusement.

It is our goal to finish 8-10 pages and then approach publishers with the concept. I feel the story would be best told over the course of 2-3 graphic novels, but for right now we are just focusing on the first one. Any royalties would be split among the team. If you would like to submit your portfolio or request sample pages, please contact me at

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

AlexNaderWrites 08-04-2015 11:30 PM


A couple of the inked pages can be seen here:

We currently have 9 completed pages, inked and ready for color.

AlexNaderWrites 08-15-2015 02:01 AM

Still on the lookout for someone to do color.

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