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matu 08-13-2019 01:43 PM

the best idea of ​​a bad idea
Hi, this is the title of a project that I'm woriking on... the serie will be in spanish. I already show it as a webcomic, before trying to publish. I'm very happy for this. But maybe it's not so good as I think.
The plot is this a comic book artist is working on a story, then he realizes that some things are crap (characters, locations, etc) he drop that and he keep going, the story star here... In a metaphysical world all the ideas for a comic that were droped come to this world and they try to make a living in there. The characters are kind o crazy, as our hero: He think and he will do what he must do (in the original story, In his case rescue a princcess). So he will try to rescue her in a world of bad ideas.
What I think is interesting is the posibility of doing a lot of different art style
Like manga, comic, sketches, etc.

You can see the comic here:
La mejor idea de una mala idea.

artsnake 08-14-2019 04:15 PM

this link is not going to the comic.

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