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artofrene 10-27-2021 02:59 PM

It's time to lay down the BOOM!

artofrene 10-27-2021 03:00 PM

A mysterious voice (in red text). Is it there or really all just in Casia's head?

artofrene 10-27-2021 03:01 PM

Caelestis, Ethereal Guard, rises!

artofrene 10-27-2021 03:03 PM

Behold--the Ethereal Guard assembles!

pandayboss 10-27-2021 11:13 PM

Wow! These are excellent pages! Impressive work as always, Rene. :thumbs::banana::bounce:

artofrene 10-28-2021 02:08 AM

Thanks, Dario! It's a ton of work doing all this, but it's my passion! :har:

artofrene 10-30-2021 12:09 PM

In this episode, the introduction of the brash Ethereal Guard: Prince Aegyon!

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