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Lovecraft13 02-23-2022 03:55 PM

"Evermore" #5 is Coming March 10

Hi DWers,

The miniseries is getting close to the end. Pre-orders for issue 5 go live (along with its sales page) on March 3, with a global release on March 10.


"The penultimate issue has arrived! Roland is on the move, a family reunion is cut short, and Manchester’s luck has finally run out. As the companions fall into the clutches of the wicked Queen of Spades, their only hope rests in the hands of the teddy bear named Rox, whose good nature might just get everyone killed."

For ages 12+
Available only in digital HD

And a four-page preview is presented on my website. Link below.


Lovecraft13 03-03-2022 05:36 PM

Pre-orders for issue five went live today!

HD digital


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