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matu 01-11-2020 09:08 PM

Colorist for illustrations
Hi, Matias here, best know as kachi, I'm a caricaturist or cartoonist (sorry for my english) and I've started a youtube channel where I post timelapses of my caricatures. Also I have a twitter, instagram an reddit account where I upoload my work.

I'm not a good colorist, It take to me a lot of time. Right know I will start making a serie to introduce kids or people who never draw digitally and I can't dedicate full time to upload my caricatures.

So if you are a colorist who need promotion, or want to practice or something wirte me and I will send you a cartoon so you can work on it, and I give you proper credit, also you can sell the caricatures as far as you credit my for drawing it, of course.
The payment is the promotion, mostly, and if you sell the caricatures that money goes all for you.

I'm not looking for any particular style, I'm thinking in rotating, so there's no limit for the position.

Heres some of my work:

My youtube channel Kachicaturas

If you are interested contact me in any of this ways
Twitter: @Kachicaturas / Instagram:@kachicaturas

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