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danos 06-30-2021 04:33 PM

Comic sample with colouring comparison
A Comic sample scene done for fun and then went ahead with some expressive colouring on it.

A bit on the fence about colouring this way or just leaving it BnW.

Open to any comments for either image.


danos 07-20-2021 04:09 PM

pandayboss 07-21-2021 08:30 AM

I love it! From black & white to slapping colors really complimented each other. I think the black & white is strong but with the color wash style brought out it's effect more. I like the way your treatment on the wash, it's subtle. It reminds me Bernie Wrightson's work. Good job man.

danos 07-25-2021 04:24 AM

Thanks alot I really appreciate your comments. I love Bernie and wasnít expecting the comparison. I guess you canít hide your influences!

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