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jmringuet 01-09-2021 06:23 PM

[Paid] Looking for dependable flatter

Looking for a new flatter with pro experience to help me with 3-8 pages a week.

If we work together it would be for the long run (I employed one of my previous flatters for over 5 years).

I can pay $7 a page via Paypal. I prefer flatters from the US or Europe.

I can't work with flatters from the Philippines as Paypal charges a fee for that country (or you have to accept $6 per page).

I need somebody dependable who can deliver pages 24 hours after reception. If you can work on weekends even better (since I do).

Please email bathonian {at} with a link to samples.

I will reply to the most likely candidates, sorry if I can't email everybody back.


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