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Dexxell 07-21-2020 06:41 PM

Seeking several artists from established indie creator.
My name is Jason Pell and I've been writing comics for close to 20years now. I'm the creator of Zombie Highway, Season's End, and Pinpricks. (Most recently I wrote Zorro: Rise of the Old Gods and shorts for Hatchet for American Mythology.)

*Offering $50.00 per sequential page penciled and inked since this is my own personal project
*Payment will be delivered through Paypal as soon as the final finished files are uploaded.
*These short stories range from 6-10 pages.
*I've been a part of the comic community years and like to think my name is one that is in good standing.

Please send sequential samples to
Thanks for your time!

Dexxell 08-06-2020 11:15 PM

Thanks for the responses everyone! A lot of amazing talent. The positions are closed filled. Thanks again for everyone that took the time to respond!

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