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TheRealityComics 05-10-2017 06:22 PM

New Comic Via Twitter
Hope y'all don't mind a little self-promotion: While my creators and I look for a home for our four comics, I'm releasing one via Twitter @TheRealityComix.

A few relevant tweets:

Also, I like to support followers and RT them. So please check us out.

Or Like us on Facebook:

(BTW, if you like the work you see, are an artist w/sequential storytelling ability, willing to work for no pay [none of us are paid until the books sell] but want to co-own the character you work on, we've a 5th book that needs an artist! Msg me here or tweet or FB me, and I'll reach out.)

OK...that was much too much stuff. But there you have it. Multi-tasking at its mediocre-est!


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