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Steven Forbes 04-22-2014 11:31 PM

B&N Week 174: Is Continuing Education Important In Comics?
Itís another Tuesday! Arizona doesnít do Daylight Savings Time [thankfully], so the days are extremely noticeably longer. I can drive in to work and the sun is coming up, and I can drive home from work twelve hours later and the sun is still hanging in the sky. I like it. [And yes, I work twelve hour shifts. Some days are more challenging than others.]

This week, I want to ask an important question. (Arenít all the questions important this year, Steven?) I like to think they are. However, I think this question is more important than most Iíll ask this year.

Is continuing education important?

Letís take a look outside of comics for a bit, and then bring it back around.

No one is going to say that you donít need an education. If anyone ever said that, then they arenít being honest. Everything you do, from reading to writing to eating to getting to work requires an education of some kind. That job you have? No matter what school you went to, you required some sort of education while on the job in order to perform it.

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