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Chas! 03-03-2020 11:19 PM

Looking for an Artist
Here there, Digital Webbing!

I had a four-issue pitch picked up by Action Lab: Danger Zone. My collaborator/friend ended up getting a job as an art teacher (woot, woot!), so he doesn’t have as much time to work on additional freelance projects (whomp, whomp...). Rather than scrap the story, I figured I’d reach out to see if anyone is interested in collaborating.

Two parallel stories and their eventual coalescence.
1.) Fearing his inevitable death, an ailing man transfers his consciousness into a robotic shell. When it doesn’t hold, his consciousness must transfer from item to item to avoid termination. Eventually, it locks and holds...but as the AI of a woman’s prosthetics.
2.) After a botched job that leaves her disfigured, a tech-avoidant space pirate is forced to fuse with robotic prosthetics. When her “human purist” crewmates mutiny, take her ship, plunder her gear, and push her into exile, she’s forced to sync with her newfound tech to get revenge and retrieve her property.
One wants life and independence. The other wants vengeance. Together, they’ll find a way for both.

So, uh, lots of over-the-top 80's violence and fun times. The original pitch (complete with initial story breakdown) can be read through the following link:
YOUR ROLE: All-in-one artist OR pencils/inks for four issues. However, Action Lab has to provide their approval before the project begins.
DEADLINE: Nothing set in stone. Action Lab generally doesn’t announce projects or assign release dates until you’re three issues in.
PAYMENT: 50/50 ownership and profits.
YOUR COLLABORATORS: Me! In addition to writing the script, I'd be lettering the whole thing.
WHO AM I? For information about myself (and samples), please check out my website. Be it as a writer, editor, or letterer, I’ve worked on stories for Dark Horse, IDW, Scout, Image, Heavy Metal, Source Point Press, Action Lab, and a bunch of small press publishers.
CONTACT INFORMATION: If you’re interested, feel free to comment below or send an e-mail to
- Please include a link to your website/portfolio.
- Please DO NOT include attachments.
- Please make sure “ROBOT STORY” is listed somewhere in your subject line. This is to ensure all e-mails get routed to the appropriate folder on my end. Haha it makes things muuuuch more manageable.

Thanks for looking! :happy:

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