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TimCAD 05-03-2019 09:02 AM

Colorist Needed
I have published a comic strip online for the past seventeen years ( One of my projects is an ongoing sci-fi adventure in which my readers get to vote on the story, a la Choose Your Own Adventure books. I am currently six issues in, but I would like to produce pages more regularly, so I am looking to collaborate with fellow artists to help ease the workload.

Currently looking to produce a minimum of two pages per month, but perhaps more if things go smoothly. This is a long-term, regular paid position. You can view existing issues of the comic here to get an idea of the work:…

Colorist $60pp: Colorist should feel comfortable creating varied space backdrops (nebulas, starfields, etc), as well as sci-fi screens with glows and lights and all the fixings. The lineart does not feature a lot of black space; shadows and depth are to be handled at the coloring stage, so my colorist has to be prepared to do that. I prefer crisp, clean colors with hard shadows, almost a cel-shaded appearance. Some texturing for background elements is also required.

Pages will be provided pre-flatted in .PSD format. You are free to adjust most base colors as you see fit, as long as certain elements (the characters, etc), remain consistent.

Pages should be returned in the same resolution via layered PSD within 5 days of receiving the flatted pages.

Payment will be issued via Paypal, immediately following delivery of finished pages.

Applicants need to speak fluent English and be prompt with correspondance via email. I'm looking for a collaborative effort. This is also an ongoing project, so please do not apply if you're going to disappear in a couple of months.

Please send applications to along with samples of your sequential coloring work (pinups and covers do not help me judge your ability to maintain consistency across multiple panels).

If I like your work, I may select you to do a (paid) trial using using a panel of my lineart to see how things go/how we work together, etc.

TimCAD 05-10-2019 09:52 AM

All set everyone. Thank you for so many wonderful applications, you did not make the decision easy for me! :D

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