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SeanE 09-21-2022 06:10 AM

Fathom - Kiani

pencils by Ale Garza, inks by Sal Regla, fan colours by me.

SeanE 09-26-2022 01:30 AM


Pencils by Jim Lee, inks by 'LordKai' on D/art, fan colours by me

Errggh... so many bubbles... You'd think you've got them all and then you'd find another one.

SeanE 10-04-2022 09:42 AM

Exo Nautilus

Page 43...

Creative Owner and Story by Andrew Nowrojee, Pencils/inks by Philip Hew, Commission Colours by me

Ok, so you know that 54 page GN gig that I've mentioned that I've been working on for the past 10 months? Well, I've *finally* been given the go ahead to show off some of the pages. So here's the cover and an interior page that I thought came out particularly nicely.

It's currently off being lettered and then the website and ordering/shipping will be organized. It may become a kickstarter campaign or maybe even just have it's own website to order through directly. Andrew's not sure yet, so it's probably still 4 - 6 months away.


SeanE 10-09-2022 07:12 AM


pencils and inks by Vitali Iakovlev, colours by me.

Ok, now at first you're all going "Hang on!!! That's by J Scott Campbell and NOT Vitali!! He's ripped it off!!...! Scandal! Shock! Horror! Pitchforks, Torches!!! Let's get him!!...

But no, Vitali *did* copy the original by Campbell, not denying that one. But he did so as a study piece to which he fully admits himself if you ever want to go and dig it up on his D/art account, so it's all good. If you look closely enough, there are some subtle differences between the two linearts. (Credits sigs here also say "after J Scott Campbell" if you look over on the right)

SeanE 10-22-2022 09:58 AM


pencils by Marc Silvestri, inks by K-omer on D/art, fan colours by me

SeanE 11-10-2022 08:59 AM


pencils by 'AivaBlue' over on D/art, colours by me.

SeanE 11-22-2022 09:05 AM

Savage Dragon

pencils by Brett Booth, inks by Matt Seaborne, colours by me

SeanE 11-24-2022 09:19 PM


Pencils and inks by Ken Hunt, colours by me

Took about an hour, if that...

SeanE 12-08-2022 06:57 AM

Baal - Genshin Imapct

pencils by 'Kodiart96' on D/art, colours by me.

This has sat flatted on the HDD for over a year, and not knowing what else to colour for the moment, I started fiddling around... and, here ya go!

SeanE 12-17-2022 08:39 AM


pencils by Mike Krome, inks by Yko Natali, fan colours by me.

You can tell when I have my 6 week summer break. I have time to do the more 'complicated' pics! :)

SeanE 12-21-2022 11:15 PM


pencils by Dawn McTeigue, colours by me

This is one of Dawn's CoVid highres line art giveaways she made available to all and sundry during the lockdowns. It's sat flatted and partially coloured on my HDD for almost 2 years now, so I thought I'd better finish it off :)

SeanE 12-31-2022 08:11 AM

The Flash

Pencils by V Ken Marion, inks by Brian Selby. Colours by me

Getting this one in just under the wire on New Year's Eve 2022! ​

SeanE 01-06-2023 02:05 AM

Ghost in the Shell

pencils by Paolo Pantalena, inks by Matt James, colours by me.

I also had inks for this one provided to me from LordKai on D/art. I needed to choose between the two and eventually I asked my 10 year old academically talented art-extension student grand daughter which inks she thought were better (and why), and she said Matt's because the line work looked 'more thinner and less heavy'... So, there ya go! ��

For the past few years I've made whatever picture I was working on in January into a mock magazine cover, just for fun. Here's this year's!

I don't know much about GITS. I've seen the movie with Scarlett Johansson but that's about it. Apparently though the Major's "Crowning Moments of Awesomeness" are a trope amongst the dedicated GITS fanbase... so that's why it's the leading article. :)

SeanE 01-13-2023 09:46 AM


pencils by Manny Clark, inks by Adriano Bennetto, colours by me

I was stuck on what to do for a next pic. Well, I surfed my HDD's 293Gb stash-o-stuff and came across this gorgeous marble look texture file that I'd completely forgotten about (I mean I only have 22,154 files to look through...) and then figured it would go well with these Psylocke inks and so, here we are!

Background file for anyone who'd also like to have it :)
No idea where I found it online anymore. Probably some background website

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