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paul brian deberry 11-04-2018 12:34 PM

Cover Needed (Trade of Service)

I need a cover for a novel. Something old school and pulpy. The cover is already sketched/roughed out just needs to be finished.

The story is called Captain Disco: A New Disco
Captain Disco: A New Disco is a story about a girl and her ship and 200 billion stolen credits.
It's sci/fi comedy that may or may not take place in a galaxy, very, very, very fucking far away.

If interested we will give you a printed copy of Captain Disco: A New Disco and a PDF version. Along with that my partner and I could offer an exchange of services. Such as writing, lettering, inking and even possible drawing a short story of yours.

We've been making comics together for sevens years now and we decided to take a break to branch out to writing novels.

An early excerpt can be found (click) here... and some of the stuff we have created can be seen (click) here.... and a couple other things can be seen (click) here...

If you think you're interested PM me here on DW or send an email to put in the subject Captain Disco: A New Disco

paul brian deberry 11-12-2018 02:05 PM

Heck yeah! We received four or five great replies. I'm gonna send them all an email today/tonight.

Closing this thread.

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