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Bryan Randall 10-21-2021 11:56 AM

'Loose' collaboration on bible/giant story
I am looking to loosely collaborate with another writer on a biblically themed story; The writer can decide on any story of his choosing from either the old or the new testaments and create a story based around it that stays as true to the Bible as possible. As the artist, I would like to combine the theme of giants and incorporate it into the story, so that it takes place in a world of giants that I would draw.

I would like it to be in single issue or one-shot format, we won't be on any deadline or schedule. Since this is a 'loose' collaboration do not expect the project to come to fruition or be completed, and either of us can walk away at any time. With that said, I would at least like to make an attempt at this just to keep myself busy while I am unemployed and looking for work, with the hope of someday submitting the project to a publisher and for portfolio purposes.

I'd like an experienced writer so maybe we can pitch the project to Publisher's we've previously worked for.

you can email me at bryanwilson337(at) You can see my work on DeviantArt and I'm also on Twitter.

May Jesus Christ bless you with the gift of the Holy Ghost and bring you to full repentance through the remission of sins.

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