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Cosmic Times 08-29-2021 05:14 PM

Disney / Don Bluth Style Artist Needed for 2 Issues

I am in the market for a penciler/inker who can emulate a Disney/Don Bluth Style of art. You will be taking over the art for issue 2 and possibly issue 3 of a three issue mini-series along with a few covers. You must be able to stay on model while bringing in your own style and be willing to take art direction. Looking for samples of sequential work and you might be requested to do some sample sketches to be sure you can stay on model. This project will be published by Cosmic Times.

The artwork budget for each issue is $1,300 *negotiable*
Plus $100 for covers
Payment structure can be worked out - but I normally do it in three tiers.

Please either post here or send sample links to -

Thank you,


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