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Niels van Eekelen 05-30-2021 11:44 AM

Cover artist wanted for fantasy oneshot
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for an artist to create a cover for a fantasy oneshot comic.

* Looking for finished art--so pencils, inks, paint, digital, whatever you work in, as long as it's delivered ready to have the logo put on it and be attached to the comic.
* Pays 50, paid through Paypal (bank transfer available if you live in the Eurozone where that is cost-free).
* Payment within 14 days of delivery of the final image (if all goes well much sooner, but to have a margin of error).
* Delivery in TIFF format prefered, at a minumum of 300 DPI.
* Open to a variety of styles, as long as they I think they fit the rest of the comic.

If interested, please e-mail me at with (or with links to) samples.

I'm a self-publishing writer with a various comics available digitally on ComiXology and Gumroad. You can look those up under my name, Niels van Eekelen, or under Telltale Productions.

Niels van Eekelen 06-17-2021 02:33 PM

I have found my artist, so this job is now taken, but a big thanks to everyone who has responded!

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