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Cycrone 02-16-2020 04:25 PM

Writer seeking Artist for Webcomic
I'm looking for an artist to partner up with, I have a few scripts ready.

This is a non-paying job. There will be no money involved in this collaboration in the beginning. I'm not greedy, I'm willing to sign a contract to split profits accordingly.

I'm currently under contract as the artist for a web-comic called Island Girls, as well as the graphic novel Diesel Zombies Volume 2. As much as I love being an artist I want to work on my own stories.

I've got a lot of knowledge on marketing moving forward, the authors of The Depths have been using the same marketing strategy I came up with almost a decade ago with a slight variation in techniques; They get around 10k hits a day, and the depths pay for my page rate for Island Girls.

That said moving forward I have the knowledge and marketing skills to make any story a success, I just need an artist that is willing to get it done. I'm not making promises, anything can happen, everything is a risk; but when I want something hard enough I usually get it.

Here's my website;

Anyone interested can toss me an email at: with your samples

I look forward to hearing from you!

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