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praveeng 07-11-2020 06:22 PM

PAID GIG. Looking for High-Quality writers and High-Quality Comic Artists.
Dear Artists -

Iím working on 3 different stories and I wish to create comic graphic novels for each of the stories. The backdrops of these stories are in 3 different time periods: futuristic (say year 2100), historical (The Great Depression era Ė 1930s) and very historical (The Roman era Ė 2000 years ago).

Iíll be starting one or all 3 stories depending on the right artists I can find. I have a detailed vision in my mind of how these should look like. I did quite some research of these time periods. The right artist for this job is the one who can create high-quality detailed work, is open for ideas and communication, and who can patiently listen to my vision.
1. First Graphic Novel: The backdrop is in the year 2100. A huge asteroid collides with the earth, and how the human race strives to survive. More like an apocalypse situation. Around 20 pages or more.
2. Second Graphic Novel: The backdrop is in the year 1930. There is no hope with the Great Depression and how the work of one scientist gives some hope. Some supernatural/superhero powers are involved. Around 20 pages or more.
3. Third Graphic Novel: The backdrop of this story is Rome. Revolves around a Rome emperor and a centurion (more like an army commander). No supernatural powers, but more like superheroes. Around 20 pages or more Ė some explicit content.
The nature of these scripts demands high quality artists. Some pages are highly graphical. For each story, Iím looking for 1 writer, and 1 comic artist who can pencil/ink and color.
So far, I have stories divided into sequences and some dialogue. I need a writer who can take this, give some ideas, put it in the right comic script format and add some dialogue where necessary. The pay rate for the writer is $10 to $15 per page.
The pay rate for comic artist is $80 per page. (There are some pages which need meticulous detailing and the pay rate for such pages is $100 per page.)

The pay terms are 5 days for every 2 pages. Iíll release 40% for rough drafts and rest of the 60% for final drafts (Pay terms are negotiable). I can pay via Paypal, Zelle, any app, etc. The pay will be released after the submission of invoice.

Please send your sequential portfolio to my e-mail:
You can find more details about me on my Facebook profile:
(Please note that you may have to be logged into Facebook to see my profile.)

Iíll be accepting submissions till I find suitable artists for all 3 stories.

Praveen G.

praveeng 07-16-2020 11:28 AM


I finalized artists for story #1 above. I'm still reviewing artists needed for #2 and #3.
Thank you all for reaching out to me. I received a lot of messages, so it might take quite some time for me to go through them.

All of you are incredible artists.
I have a certain vision of how these should look like in the end, so I'll be choosing based on the fit for the story.

I'll be considering applications till I finalize artists for all stories.

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