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VigilanteProject 05-13-2018 05:36 PM

Sequential Artist needed for 8-page preview book. Test page required.
  • This is for an 8-page preview book before we head back to Kickstarter to raise funds for our next full-length issue.
  • This is a long-term graphic novel project with a total of 150 pages. Please have a willingness and availability to continue on with this series.
  • We are offering $50 a page, but the rate is negotiable. If you WOW us, we will consider paying a higher rate. If you ink and color your own work, we will take this into account as well when considering your rate.
  • This is work for hire. There is a contract and you will be invoiced. However, provisions are made in the contract for you to retain the rights to sell the originals, reproduce them on your website and/or other promotional material.
  • We require 2 pages per week at a minimum 300 dpi TIFF or PSD uploaded to Google Drive. Failure to deliver four pages within a two-week period could result in termination.
  • You will be paid at the completion of every 2 pages. Payment will be made via Paypal within 48 hours of uploading to our Google Drive.

My name is Chris Dickens and I am the writer and co-creator of Vigilante Project. We have released 4 books and a graphic novel of Vigilante Project. I am also the writer/creator of The Ronin, an adaptation based on a popular novel. We have produced one book of The Ronin so far. Check out Vigilante Project and The Ronin for references.

You MUST be able to draw DYNAMIC action including martial arts and sword fighting! However, you must be comfortable drawing everyday situations as well. You have martial arts experience or you're familiar with martial arts techniques, and you MUST be able to deliver two completed pages per week.

We prefer someone that can pencil and ink their own work, but pencils only is okay too.

I require thumbnail sketches of pages be submitted for approval before detail work begins. My scripts are pretty specific, but I believe in artistic freedom with approval.

Please send sequential samples and your desired page rate to If pre-selected, I will send you a test page to complete. The artist will be hired based on the completed test page. There is no compensation for the test page. Show us what you can do and we will show you the money.

Thank you.

VigilanteProject 06-09-2018 03:56 PM

Thank you to all the applied. We have a difficult decision to make. To those that have applied, we will contact you for a test page if we're interested.

Thank you.

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