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william reyes 05-23-2020 09:14 AM

Replicator 3
written and created by Rob Arnold
pencils by me.
What if a villainous corporation built their own private x-men?
REPLICATOR is 56 pages over two glorious full-colour issues. In a return to amazing action and mind-blowing visuals.
Human experimentation, super-soldiers, mutants, and mechanical robots collide in a disease-ravaged England.
Replicator is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi comic series set in England 10 years from now after a virus has killed tens of millions. As the country crumbles two companies fight for power using futuristic mechs and soldiers battle against super-powered mutants...
please do check us out at..

pandayboss 05-27-2020 12:07 PM

Awesome! Great pencils!

william reyes 05-29-2020 07:41 AM

finally found a picture hosting site..

william reyes 05-29-2020 07:41 AM

Thanks PandayBoss

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