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PO5Comic2019 03-25-2019 07:05 PM

Looking for Action Adventure Artist
Looking for an artist for a thirty page female driven superhero action adventure comic book based off of a previously written pilot script.

Must be able to draw the following: Characters which include humans, aliens, and wolf-human hybrid creatures. Also, spaceships, castles, fight scenes, superhero outfits, high-tech headquarters, outer space and a few different made-up planets.

This is paid project. The terms are as follows:

This is a Work for Hire project. I will require that a Work-for-Hire Agreement and a Non-Disclosure agreement be signed, so please consider if you will be willing to sign contracts to those effects.

$2,000 USD (but willing to negotiate) to be paid via Paypal in installments that will be laid out and agreed to before work on the project begins. The initial payment will be $500, after agreements have been signed and 48 hours after first page is turned in.

I need to have the work completed and ready for a colorist within 100 days from the start date.

Completion of the job needs to be delivered in high-res digital files, 300dpi jpegs are fine, but layered PSD files are preferred.

Finalist will be asked to submit a page from the script at a paid rate of $20 USD.

Project has been read by Nickelodeon and is in the style of Teen Titans, Voltron, and Young Justice. I will be paying close attention to your individual styles.

If interested please email the following email address:

Thank you.

Rae Hawkins

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